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Supplier Sustainability

To Arconic Suppliers:

Sustainability within our procurement function means selecting materials and services that consider the environmental, social, and economic impact in evaluating total cost. It's about building relationships with suppliers who behave in a responsible and sustainable manner.

As part of Arconic's continuing commitment to sustainable business practices, we expect our suppliers, contractors and others with whom we conduct business to follow our Supplier Standards. Below we share Arconic’s approach to sustainability and our expectations of our suppliers.

As an important business partner, you play an integral role in helping us achieve our business conduct and sustainability goals. Your adherence to these standards is fundamental to our success.

Additional information regarding our Sustainability Program can be found in Arconic's online Sustainability Report

Communicate Expectations

Communicating our expectations to our suppliers is a critical component of our program. Some of the ways we communicate these expectations includes:

  • Supplier Standards document
  • Contractual language within our standard terms and conditions

Supplier Standards

As a part of Arconic's continuing commitment to sustainable business practices, we are dedicated to working in partnership with our suppliers to follow our Supplier Standards.

Arconic’s Supplier Standards set forth:

  1. Arconic’s commitment to environmental, social and economic practices.
  2. Arconic’s expectations of suppliers, contractors and others with whom we conduct business (collectively referred to as “Suppliers”) with respect to sound and responsible environmental, social and economic practices.

We recognize that there are different legal and cultural environments in which suppliers operate throughout the world. These standards set forth the minimum requirements that Suppliers must meet to do business with us. In order to comply with these requirements, suppliers should communicate the principles of these standards throughout their supply chain.

We expect and trust that you will honor the environmental, social and economic principles and practices stated in Arconic's Supplier Standards.

Standard Terms and Conditions

In an effort to clearly communicate Arconic's expectations with regards to supplier sustainability, contractual language regarding Supplier Standards has been added to the North American Standard Terms and Conditions.

Assess Supplier

As a part of Arconic's continuing commitment to Sustainability, we periodically assess our suppliers maturity level using a Supplier Sustainability Questionnaire. The intent of the questionnaire is to promote an open and constructive dialogue in an effort to better understand the practices of our suppliers and to identify improvement opportunities. An honest and transparent supplier self-assessment represents a first step toward working with suppliers to improve sustainability in the supply chain.

The questionnaire focuses on three focus areas:

  • Environment
  • Social
  • Economic

To access the content of the questionnaire, please click here.

Educate Supplier

Areas of opportunity are identified through the Supplier Sustainability Questionnaire. Individually, Arconic will share with each supplier our perspective of the results and discuss opportunities for improvement.

Monitor Progress

We will periodically reassess our suppliers to evaluate if any changes have occurred that would influence the supplier's maturity level rating. It is our expectation that a supplier's maturity level should improve over time.